Environmental Monitoring Solution

Our platform allows access in a simple and effective way to Big Data technologies that offer many benefits for operations and environmental services to optimize their daily activities and issues.

SINAY proposes a Big Data Platform for continuous and real-time environmental monitoring for port maritime industries. We benefit also from field experience of environmental monitoring in the field of port activities for the quality of water, the swell, noise, benthos, sediments … including interactions with its big data platform.

SINAY Port brings a fully integrated solution based on several applications ready to use. For covering the needs Port Industries could have, SINAY Port solution brings also the possibility to create other dedicated tailored apps which could be easily plugged on the platform with other apps.

Our features for Port Industries

SINAY proposes today operational features facitated based on innovative technologies : the integration of any type of data whatever their formats, crossing data between them, with huge combinations possibilities, calculation automation, alert threshold setting, web visualization (maps, graphs, dashboards…).

Air Quality

  • Monitor air quality in real-time
  • Compliant with regulation
  • Manage ship engine emissions
  • Reduce insurance costs and avoid litigation

Underwater Acoustics

  • Measure noise during offshore construction
  • Detect marine mammals
  • Detect ship acoustic signature
  • Manage environmental impact of noise

Environmental Management and Permitting

  • Manage dredging sediment pollution
  • Monitor in real-time and cross correlate events
  • Manage ballast water and engine emission
  • Manage wildlife habitat

Water Quality

  • Monitor water quality in real time
  • Compliant with regulation
  • Manage ballast water
  • Obtain construct permit
  • Reduce insrance cost and legal pursuit

Aerial Acoustics

  • Monitor aerial noise in real time
  • Compliant with regulation
  • Manage people complains
  • Take action to reduce noise impact


  • Manage ship time arrival
  • Optimize port logistic
  • Reduce time spend to wait
  • Reduce cost


  • Monitor swell
  • Manage ship port arrival
  • Manage ship mooring
  • Obtain construction permit

Noise Simulation

  • Simulate different contruction scenarios
  • Manage impact of noise
  • Obtain construction permits
  • Determine management plan

Create your dedicated App

  • Access to big data / ML infrastructure
  • Select up to 6,000 data sets
  • Use analytic tools
  • Choose dashboard template

Port short term Challenges

Port domain is confronted to operate their digital transformation in short term to face the necessity to be the fastest, the smartest and the more efficient the port daily activities requires. Those challenges involve integrating smart solutions and innovative technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, algorithms to those activities. Those tools bring the efficiency, the reactivity and the visibility of all the critical  criteria of the evolution of the port industries.

SINAY benefits also from field experience of environmental monitoring in the field of port activities for the quality of water, the swell, noise, benthos, sediments… including interactions with its big data platform.

Fastest way to success Maritime Data driven project

SINAY brings turn key solution in order to facilitate and optimize all Port activities

SINAY solution is based on a comprehensive range of innovative features which brings efficiency to Ports. To optimize their use in projects and activities management, those features and services are included in a secured platform. Indeed, you can employ your Port applications, data, algorithms, artificial intelligence and files in the same working environment.

  • Measures devices with the platform interfacing 

  • Data and metadata from models and open data bases gathering

  • Manifold file formats management (.csv, .shp, .xls, .pdf …)

  • Real Time configuration and alert system management 

  • Information cross analysis

  • Dashboards web visualization for SMART informations

  • Security data and access management 

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